The film investment and distribution company NEW revealed that it will target the broadcast in the first half of next year and invest in the production of the TV series \”Lawyer Zhao Dehao 2\”. According to NEW, the actor Park Xinyang, who had previously appeared in \”Lawyer Zhao Dehao\”, will continue to star. Regarding the question of whether other actors such as Jiang Su-Ra, Liu Xiu-young, Park Shuai-mei, etc. will appear, the relevant person said: “At present, except for Park Xinyang, the actors of other roles have not yet been determined. In addition, the TV series \”Neighboring Lawyer Zhao Dehao\” is adapted from the network of the same name. The novel tells the story of a promising and outstanding lawyer who instantly lost everything and fell into an endless abyss due to internal reports of the procuratorial agency’s unhealthy trends. The drama was broadcast in March of this year. The subject matter and the excellent acting skills of the actors have been supported and loved by the public.