Adapted from the unfinished work of the same name by Osamu Dazai, it is a comic created by the original project. The plot tells the story of a popular boy with multiple boats, referring to Dazai Osamu\’s \”Good Bye\” novel and breaking up with his mistresses. The novel \”Good Bye\” is the posthumous work of Osamu Dazai and it is an unfinished work. Previously, using this unfinished posthumous novel of Osamu Dazai as the original plan, the comic of the same name was created by the manga artist Jun Hayu, telling the modern The story of \”Scum\”, in the adaptation of the Japanese TV series, the actor Tajima Mao (Takuro Ohno) is a very popular little boy who steps on multiple boats, and Tajima is now going to end his life on multiple boats, Tajima Mao met his senior in high school, Besso Fumiro (Xia Fan). After hearing Tajima Mao’s idea of ​​breaking up with many lovers, Besso Fumiro suddenly said about Tajima Mao’s situation and Dazai Osa’s novel \”Good Bye\”. The plot is the same. After Tajima knew it, he began to refer to the plot that imitated \”Good Bye\”, designing a breakup plan with his lover, and Biesuo Bundai was also involved in this lively love and hate drama.