Japan is in great danger now. It is not an aging society or environmental problems. It\’s a story of money that you can hear, but you can\’t really pay attention to. The national finances necessary for the people to live a comfortable life and entrust their children with the future are at a pinch. Japan has over 1,000 trillion yen in debt and is still accumulating. The then Prime Minister Takamori Ejima (Masao Kusagiri) has gathered four elite financial bureaucrats, including Atsushi Suo (Junpei Mizobata), and declared that “the expenditure of the general account will be halved for the future of Japan” and “Operation A special mission project named \”Z\” was formed. Social security related expenses, which is the highest in annual expenditure, followed by local grants. Unless these two were brought close to \”zero\”, \”halving the expenditure\” could not be achieved. Do the feelings of the members of \”Operation Z\” reach the people?