Iwata and Toda will challenge situational comedy in this work. Set on the stage of a hotel that was once magnificent, classic and high-end, but now on the verge of bankruptcy, staged scenes of situational comedies with rapid progress. Ukai Naoya, played by Iwata, is a guest who came to the hotel alone. Wearing casual clothes that are incompatible with the classical atmosphere of the hotel, he made groundbreaking and unreasonable requests to the hotel one by one. On the other hand, Sakurai Sana played by Toda is the general manager of the hotel. Sakurai is burdened with all the debts of the hotel, and despite his lack of ability, she still does her best for the survival of the hotel. She is a serious and honest woman. The conflicting relationship between Ukai and Sakurai, who have completely opposite personalities, and each character with a unique personality are not to be missed.