The play tells the story of a lonely woman who meets a perfect artificial intelligence (Holo) who only looks at her and supports her \”a person\”. It will tell about the process of \”a person\” through artificial intelligence Holo, from being alone and cold, to crying through heartbreaking love to swollen eyes, and gradually growing up. Yin Xianmin plays Gao Landu. He is the boss of an IT company and a talented developer. He develops almost all projects launched by the company. But only the official representative of the company knew of his existence, because of the large-scale hacking incident 10 years ago, he was chased and he was helplessly disguised as \”dead\”. Gao Shengxi plays Han Soyeon. She is the agent of the eyewear company, responsible for brand promotion and new store opening celebration parties. She is a professional woman who stands in the vanguard of industry trends. At work, he is very considerate and cautious, but he avoids the eyes of others in private and does not attend parties. He looks proud. This is because she has the fatal flaw of \”face recognition barrier\”. Directed by the director Li Shangye of \”Mr. Back\” and \”Shopping King Louis\”, \”Fraud Game\” Li Yong is the screenwriter.