The play tells the story of the guests who have stayed at the \”Paradise Hotel\” in Hoam-dong, Yongsan District, Seoul for a long time. From Room 1 to Room 6, their hometown, age, and gender are all different, but there is \”no second time\”, burning fighting spirit. Yin Ruzhen plays Fu Mary, she is the guard, waiter, chef, cleaner, personal doctor and life counselor of the Paradise Hotel. Although he has a stubborn personality and loves to talk about nasty jokes, he is a person who is warmer than anyone in his heart and has an excellent cooking skill. Zhu Hyun plays Cui Jufu. He is a guest in Room 1 of the Paradise Hotel and Fumari\’s first love. He is a mysterious and charming old gentleman. Han Zhenxi plays Luo Wangsan, the president of \”Gusung Hotel\”. He built a five-star hotel, Gusung Hotel, directly opposite the \”Land Hotel\” that was in disrepair. , A natural strategist who is unscrupulous for money and success. Wu Zhihao plays Gan Bongji, the guest in Room 5 of the Paradise Hotel. He has a perfect appearance and voice, he can wear the essence of whatever clothes he wears, and has a sense of humor that can be unconditionally accepted regardless of ancient and modern things, noble or poor, and has everything to capture a woman\’s heart. skill. But he was surprisingly soft, kind, and positive no matter what the situation. Rui Zhiyuan plays Fang Eunji, the guest staying in Room 6 of the Paradise Hotel. She is a woman with a beautiful appearance that is not inferior to the Korean lady. Beauty is her first asset. She is both feminine and awkward, but she does it all the time. No good men. Park Sewan plays Qum Mint. She is married to a man who grew up in an orphanage. After the accidental death of her husband, she raised the children alone and was a very strong figure. Guo Dongyan plays Luo Haijun, the grandson of Luo Wangshan, the president of Oriental Hotel. He returned to China after studying management at a prestigious university in the United States. He is now the head of the strategy department of the Oriental Hotel. But to his mother, he is a very filial son. After losing his illusion about love for a long time, he fell in love with a woman who lived in the Paradise Hotel. Directed by \”Wu Zilong Let\’s Go\” Director Cui Yuanxi, \”A Hundred Years Legacy\” and \”The Gentleman of Laurel Suit Shop\” written by Gu Xianshu, premiered in November.