After graduating from high school, the protagonist Mizuno Gota (Asuka Kudo), whose goal is to become a musician, is now living a part-time job. Suddenly, the convenience store where he worked collapsed and he was also unemployed. On that day, the newly opened burger restaurant attracted his attention. The owner of this shop, Oseki Katsuya (速水もこみち), who drives a Ferrari, made him pay attention, \”Would you like to come to work with us\”, the manager’s question, more Mizuno was extremely excited. Thinking about ending my working life and joining a burger restaurant will not only give my mother peace of mind, maybe I will be able to drive a Ferrari Mizuno one day, make up my mind and take the entrance exam. In the examination room, a beautiful girl in a mini skirt, Reiko Kikugawa (MEGUMI), led him. There, Mizuno also met Kitsuki Masaya (Okayama Tenon) who had dropped out of a famous university. The two of them were like this, without an exam. , Also \”passed\” and joined this company, as everyone knows, this is the beginning of a nightmare.