The play is a romantic comedy. It tells the story of a make-up artist who fell into a loss and became an unemployed person who was demanded for a loan. He regained his dream after meeting a trainee who could not make his debut even after ten years. Joo Sang Wook plays the professional makeup artist Cha Jung Hyuk, who only strives for perfect results, exuding the charm of work poisoning. Jin Baoluo plays Han Soo-yeon. She has been an idol trainee for 10 years and is currently an assistant makeup artist. After finishing her long life as a trainee, she participated in the selection and got a chance to debut, but was forced to quit due to suspicious incidents. After that, through makeup, she discovered brand new talents and real value. Han Duogan plays Baek Jiyun, a top actress who has a desire for success, elegant and arrogant, and loves Cha Jung Hyuk. Lee Tae-hwan plays Kang Do-jin, a world-class star with both appearance and height. He has become a popular Hallyu star with his refreshing teenage beauty and masculine charm, but he has a contrasting cute face in front of love.