\”Iron Evidence Unknown Case 2~The Gate of Truth\” is a remake of the popular American drama of the same name. The first season was broadcast on Wowow in 2016. It describes the story of the investigation team of the female detective played by Yoshida She who is pursuing pending cases and getting closer to the truth step by step. In the second season, the original team regrouped, coupled with the luxurious guest performance lineup and large-scale production, Japan\’s unique sense of the times and heavy case themes attracted a lot of attention. One day, a bone remains was excavated from the ground of a university. Kanagawa prefectural police searched the first department of the criminal police Ishikawa Yuri (Yoshida sheep) and Takagi Shinjiro (Nagayama Yoshito) went to the scene and arrived first, Toru Kaneko (Hikarishiken) and Tachikawa University Su (Takito Kenichi) merged. The student ID on the body confirmed that the victim was named Seiji Hashimoto (a native of Yoshimura), and his whereabouts were unknown after the 1971 Yokosuka riots that took part in the intense conflict between the students and the mobile team. Not long afterward, a person who claimed to be Hashimoto\’s daughter and named Emi (Okukan Kaoru) came to the search class. Emi claimed that Hashimoto and her mother were radicals when they were students. Every year, Emi and her mother receive a sum of money from a person who is suspected of Hashimoto. The chief agent Hidetoshi Motoki (Tomokazu Miura) and the members of the investigation team agreed that the person was still hidden somewhere, and they noticed the envelope sending the money. With a foreign postmark. Due to the foreign stay for more than 30 years, there may be cases where the statute of limitations for disappearance cases may not be established, and an investigation was launched. @m.yakutv.cc