The morning drama \”Natsusora\” tells the story: Okuhara Natsu is a girl who lost her parents. It is the land of Tokachi, Hokkaido that healed this injured girl and cultivated her into a strong person. Okuhara, who has finally grown up, relies on the imagination given to her by Tokachi to challenge the animation world that was still called \”manga movie\” at the time. Although the heroine Okuhara Natsu is a girl who lost her parents and separated from her elder brother, she relies on the \”pioneer spirit\” of a Hokkaido-born person to march towards the wilderness called anime. The script, Shou Mio Omori, said: \”I want to overlap such a great cause with the rare heroine Hirose Suzu. The theme is straightforward to say is \”open up\” and \”link to the future.\”