Simple tips can save us not only time but money!
It’s up to each individual to decide whether to wear makeup, to “color” yourself completely once a day, to keep yourself to a minimum, or not to use makeup. But if you choose makeup, you should be aware of these tips to help save time, energy, and money.
1. Preheat your eyeliner before applying it
It pays to heat the liner properly to make lines even and easier to put down. Hold the pencil’s tip in the flame (for example, a lighter or burning match) for one second, then wait 15 seconds to cool and apply. You’ll be surprised how neat and beautiful this line becomes!


2. Test makeup under different lights
Before leaving the house, check cosmetics used in a different light: brighter lights at night (preferably on the white spectrum) or during the day. This will help to see uneven skin tone or “extra” shadows on the eyelids.
3. Use a white polish instead of a clear primer
For a brighter manicure, apply a white varnish instead of a clear primer: It also protects the finger deck from dye but makes the main varnish more succulent.
4. Color your lashes the right way
For lashes, instead of pointing up, point the brush toward your nose – the lashes will appear thicker, and the eyes – larger and more expressive.
5. Apply perfume correctly
Pulse points: wrist, behind the ear, root of the neck. And elsewhere.


6. Don’t throw away your makeup
Out of foundation? Cut open the tube and pour the residue accumulated on the wall into small containers (old contact lens containers are appropriate, for example). You’d be surprised how much makeup you throw away!
7. Use a white pencil to accentuate eye shadow.
A simple but effective technique: Apply a white pencil to your eyelids before using the shadow. A white pencil will enhance color and give the eyes more expression.
8. An easy way to paint smoky eyes
Use liquid eyeliner or pencil to create diagonal mesh around the outer corners of your eyes, then mix with an applicator to blend in with your favorite shade. Smokey Eyes ready!
9. Powder lipstick
Do you want your lipstick to stay on your lips longer? Then, the old trick works: Place a paper towel on your painted lips and spray powder over them. It worked well!