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Although it is said that we need to wear foundation every day, but I believe that every girl has questions about foundation, right?
  • How to choose the foundation for different skin types?
  • How to avoid the base makeup fake heavy, card powder card lines?
  • How to make up lasting effect? What tools do newcomers use to apply makeup?
  • How to make the makeup technique will make the base makeup more smooth, more clean and flawless?
For the problem of poor base makeup, we summarized a few professional makeup artist-level base makeup tips.
Pre-makeup skin care
Some girls always apply too many layers of skin care products before makeup, especially the high oil content, which is not conducive to holding makeup.
The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.
Pre-makeup skin care should be streamlined
If you want your makeup to last longer and your makeup to be clearer, you must streamline your skincare before makeup!
The first thing you need to do is to pay attention to more water, so that the skin is more soft, which helps the subsequent makeup, and try to use less oily skin care products.
Too much oil is easy to float powder off makeup
The face is too much oil will lead to floating powder makeup off, and the lack of moisture on the face will lead to stuck powder peeling.
It is recommended that oil skin can be pressed with oil-absorbing paper before applying foundation, or first sprayed with a layer of setting spray, to ensure that the face is dry and not greasy.
Dry skin in the foundation before you can use a moisturizing spray spray layer, or in the palm of your hand a few drops of skin care oil, rub open, then use a wet beauty egg in the palm of your hand roll a few circles, to ensure that evenly dipped into the oil, and then dipped into the foundation on the face and pressed.
Choice of foundation
For newcomers to makeup, the choice of foundation products is really a headache, so many color numbers, so many textures, which one is more suitable for you? Here is a detailed explanation.


Choose the color number according to your skin tone

Judging skin tone
Generally speaking, skin tones are divided into 3 types, cool tones, warm tones, neutral tones.
1. Vascular color judgment method
  • Cool skin tone (Cool) skin tone people’s skin will show a little pink, red or blue tones, look at your wrist blood vessels are blue or purple, you are cool skin tone.
  • Warm-toned (Warm) skin has a slight yellow, gold or peach tint to it.
  • Neutral skin tones (Neutral) people do not look pink, red, or blue, nor yellow, gold, or peach, but the veins on their wrists have both blue and green veins.
If you still can’t tell your skin tone, think back to whether you look good in gold jewelry or silver jewelry.
2. Gold and silver jewelry contrast method
Gold and silver jewelry contrast method: if you fit gold, that is warm skin; if you fit silver, that is cold skin, both look good when worn, that is the natural tone.
Choose the right color
After judging your skin tone, next choose the right foundation shade for you. Cold skin choose a pink tone foundation, warm skin choose a yellow tone foundation.
Try the foundation on your face
Choose a foundation that is close in color to your skin tone, the contrast should not be too big. Here it is recommended that when choosing a color, it is best to do your homework first and then go to a cosmetic counter to try the color.
You will apply the foundation on your neck and chin border, the closest to your own skin tone, is your native color number.

Choose the texture according to your skin type

When choosing a foundation, in addition to the color number, another factor to consider is the texture. Everyone’s skin type is different, so the reason why you use the foundation recommended by others is because your skin type is different from others.
Before foundation VS after foundation
The girl with oily skin should choose a foundation that controls oil and holds makeup well, in addition to try to avoid watery single products, which will only make the face look oily and not dry. For girls with dry skin, you can choose a foundation with a more hydrating texture, or even a foundation cream. Girls with combination skin can choose foundations with different effects in different areas to help hold makeup better. Of course, our skin type can be affected by external factors such as temperature, climate, and geographic location, and it is possible to change with age and physical condition.
Makeup application tools and techniques
The day-to-day base makeup, we can use the beauty egg, fast and smooth. Many people like to wet the egg and then use a tissue to absorb the water inside, but in fact a pinch is good, because retaining a certain amount of moisture, but can make the base makeup more transparent! Because the distribution of skin tones and imperfections on the face are different, you need to pay attention to the location and amount of makeup when priming, and try to achieve the goal of an even-looking skin tone.
Apply makeup from dull areas. If you want your makeup to be non-heavy and non-powdered, you must focus on the base makeup. The amount of foundation is enough for one soybean, not more than one pump, too much foundation will only make you fake face and easier to take off! Before putting on the foundation, we must first observe which position of the face has the darkest skin tone, and start putting on the foundation from the darkest part, usually around the eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
From the middle of the face to the sides of the faint, a small amount of multiple makeup. Then, following the texture of the skin, pat away the stain from the middle of the face to the side of the face. If the skin tone of the rest of the face if already good, our foundation can be thinner. If there are still imperfections exposed, such as dark acne marks and red pimples, don’t expect to cover them all with foundation, leave it to concealer.
Small area of precise concealing. For a sophisticated makeup look, concealment must be patient. It is best to cover small areas, pimples and spots one by one with precision. To make your base makeup last longer, we recommend that you wrap a loose powder brush in tissue paper and press it gently on your face to absorb excess oil before setting your makeup. Whether you are a dry skin or oily skin, setting the makeup is an essential step. The most important thing to note is that the dry skin should be patted on the face with a loose powder brush to make the makeup effect light and transparent; the oily skin should be set with a powder puff and pressed on the face to make the makeup hold stronger.
To conclude, here are today’s key points. Pre-makeup skincare should be streamlined, pre-makeup moisturizing should be done, otherwise it will affect the makeup effect and appear stuck powder, mud and other situations. The foundation should be chosen to suit your skin tone and skin type, otherwise the fake feeling will be very heavy. The daily primer, we can use the beauty egg, fast and posture.
The amount of foundation is enough for a soybean size, not more than one pump, too much foundation will only make you fake face, but also easier to take off makeup! The most important thing is that you should start with the darkest parts of your body and apply the foundation from the middle of your face to the sides, and apply the makeup in small amounts to make it look natural.
Don’t expect to cover all your imperfections with foundation. Leave the imperfections that are not covered by foundation to concealers, and be careful to cover them in small areas with precision.
Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, setting your makeup is an essential step. The most important thing to note is that dry skin should use a loose powder brush to tap on the face, while oily skin should use a powder puff to press on the face to set the makeup. The first thing you need to do is to use your own personal computer. Remember to practice more and try to find out the most suitable way of makeup for yourself!