Every girl must have lipstick in her makeup bag. The colour of red changes according to the season and occasion, and even the outfit, makeup and lipstick vary. When choosing a lipstick, I believe that many girls have a similar experience: they often blindly follow the trend of selecting the red lipstick, after receiving the goods, smear it on their mouth, only to find that their skin colour and lip colour do not suit them at all.
Do you know what colour of lipstick is suitable for your skin tone? Delicate girls need to pay attention to their skin colour to choose their lipstick colour.
Today, let’s talk about choosing the right lipstick according to your skin colour!

White skin
White skin girls are the least likely to pick a red colour. When it comes down to choosing a favourite, it depends on your favourite makeup style. However, it’s true that the brighter the lipstick, the whiter the pale.
Lipsticks for white skin — Lancome 888 Wild Berries
This lipstick is very white! The warm berry on the mouth is a very spring flavour, and the rose colour is too friendly for the white girl! Remember to apply this lipstick thickly for girls with deep lips to make it look better and bring out your temperament. Lip colour is lighter the girl of white skin thin besmears again desire fairy deep besmear advanced grace.
The texture of this lipstick is also very comfortable. The velvet matte quality is dumb and dry, the flexibility does not show lip lines, and the comfort of continuous touch makes people feel very pleased on the upper lip!

Yellow skin
High saturation, dark or too light and nude lipsticks are not suitable for girls with yellow skin.
The correct choice of yellow skin girl: it is slanted red tone, but unapt too red inside collect colour department lipstick, for example, maple leaf orange, brick red, bean sand is the first selection of yellow skin, more show white carry colour.
Lipstick for yellow — Marrakesh MAC lipstick
This lipstick has always been a hot, white upper lip and has always been MAC’s top sell, yellow girls, almost every one of them. MAC lipstick is a bit dry, but it’s a beautiful colour. If you base your lips well, you won’t be able to see lip lines on your upper lip. Earth’s orange colour restores ancient ways and is advanced. Thin besmear shows more lively green, and the lipstick that moves as orange all the time suits yellow skin girl very much.
Dark skin
Dark-skinned girls may have a headache when choosing lipstick. Bright red is too loud and aggressive, and too light a colour on the lips will not look good. However, the range of lipstick screening for Dark-skinned girls will be relatively narrow, like red, tan, earth orange, and brick red. This lightness is not high warm colour lipstick is still very suitable for black girls. Appear the whole person gentle temperament, also let Dark-skinned girls look more youthful and lively.
Lipstick recommendations for Dark-skinned girls — Nars matte lip gloss Slowride
This lipstick is a little unpopular but very suitable for dark-skinned girls. Nars is probably best known for its eyeshadow palettes, but Nars lipsticks are also pretty and easy to use. Deep earthy orange, thick with a hint of cinnamon, this lipstick is non-aggressive and gentle on the upper lip of Dark-skinned girls. The texture is not pulled dry. Although it is a matte texture, it does not show lip lines, not a slag, and the mouth will not have a tight feeling of water, every colour!
Finally, we sum up: white skin girls are suitable for bright reds, blues, and rose lipstick; Orange lipstick is a good choice for girls with yellow skin. Maple, brick and aunt are all excellent choices. Dark skin is more suitable for girls in adobe, nude and dark lipstick.
Choose a lipstick that suits you according to your skin tone. Sisters will also know more about the lipstick that suits them after knowing what kind of skin colour they belong to, choose the more suitable lipstick tone, the makeup feeling and temperament will be different and create a more delicate look!