Today I am going to talk about primer. Primer since the invention of this word, brands to it installed a lot of gimmicks isolation radiation, isolation haze, isolation makeup, and so on. But do you deeply know primer?
1 Primer cannot isolate radiation
The most significant impact on our skin in daily life is the thermal radiation from computers and mobile phone screens.
The effect of this radiation on your skin is the thermal effect, which causes your skin to lose moisture and increase oil production, leaving your skin dry on the inside and oily on the outside. Oil oxidation can make the skin look black and yellow, so we often leave the office after a day’s work with soil-colored faces.
This heat effect radiation. Nothing can solve it. In addition to using some antioxidants and a good moisturizer, keeping a small humidifier on your desk can help combat the effects of radiation on your skin.
2 Primer can not isolate makeup and dirty air
Pore metabolism is not accessible, old waste horny accumulation, is indeed we have heard of the word, but we should know, makeup or dirty air, are in a layer of skincare, and then contact the skin.
Secondly, the skin’s most basic function is a defensive barrier. In other words, not everything can get into the skin. So many skin care manufacturers have gone to great lengths to create small molecular structures of active ingredients to deliver as much skincare as possible. The larger molecules, which have minimal absorption capacity, pile up on the skin’s surface and act as a combined defense.


Is it necessary to apply the primer every day?
I would recommend using sunscreen rather than a primer. Because sunscreen is indispensable every day, it can prevent ultraviolet rays, and it will make your skin whiter and whiter. In my opinion, there is no need to apply primer every day.


Finally, please remember to remove your makeup before you sleep; otherwise, it will cause harm to the skin.