Many people think blush is to enhance their looks. A good blush will look energetic, while a lousy blush will look rustic. The cheek is red, and tall light repair let same, having the effect that decorates a face, can increase integral atmosphere feeling again simultaneously.
But do you know how to use blusher?
Blush application steps:
Step1: Before applying makeup, wash your face thoroughly to remove dirt and dirt. Exfoliating or stimulating circulation with a massage cream is even better. Can apply to protect wet face film or it is instant glorious to maintain article, do beforehand nurse to keep, let the skin “completely reborn,” undertake the color makeup action after perfect.
Step 2: Apply a good base of makeup and first correct or alter the skin tone.
Step 3: Apply a moisturizing foundation to make your makeup look thinner and smoother.
Step4: Apply the blush to the laughing muscles of the face and ears. Can use more pink, brush to inside by outside again, dizzy catch more natural ruddy feeling. Laughing muscles of the face and ears. Can use more pink, touch to inside by outside again, dizzy catch more natural ruddy feeling.
The choice of blush is significant. Bad blush choices can make your complexion darker and look rustic. Here’s how to choose a blush that suits you.
Choose blusher according to skin type
(1) Oily skin: by high-temperature baking powder blush, powder texture is thin and delicate after application for absorption of excess oil components on the face, that is, the oil control effect is visible to the naked eye, so it is oily skin or oily skin. Perfectly fit with skin, create a dry and delicate makeup effect.
(2) Normal skin: can choose different blush according to the season when choosing blush—dry winter. Choose moist blush liquid or blush cream. Summer oil picks persistent control oil blush.
(3) Dry skin: the cream blush contains specific oil and plant essence components, which are relatively good for skin adhesion and moisture, and will not appear the embarrassment of floating powder card powder. At the same time, its chroma is also the most prominent among the three germplasm, so it is the only choice for dry skin.
(4) Combination skin: Liquid blush has a particular moisturizing effect, but it is not too oily, and the texture is relatively light. The makeup effect on the face presents a natural and transparent product. And the lasting degree of liquid blush and color is better, and it is very suitable for skin “diversified” mixed muscle to create a clear and natural makeup look.
(5) Sensitive skin: liquid, powder, and cream can be used when sensitive skin chooses blush. But avoid allergens and opt for natural ingredients such as pearl powder, hyaluronic acid, and mineral powder.
Choose blusher according to skin tone
(1) Slant white skin color: white skin color for blush color selection is quite extensive, but the collocation out of the most vivid color is still a. Pink comprises various shades of pink, including bean paste, bright pink, and peach pink.
(2) partial yellow skin color: yellow skin artificial avoid skin dark, in the choice of blush must avoid light pink or peach pink. Choose some bright pink blush, such as gold pink, apricot, etc., can not only maintain the warmth of the skin itself but also improve the dull color of the skin to add luster, creating a complete visual sense of vitality.
(3) slant black color: slant black color of the person must avoid light pink when choosing blush. This color on the face will make up for the “dirty” highlighted incisively and vividly.
Choose blusher according to your makeup style
(1) Japan and South Korea makeup style: slight bead light blush. The face will emit a slight natural gloss with a little iridescent blush, highlighting the delicate features.
(2) European and American makeup style: matte blush. As the name implies, it is not to have a burnished feeling, and a hazy soft mist effect is presented after going up the face, resulting in a specific invisible pore.
(3) Party makeup style: Pearl Blush. With mica granules, it’s a low-key highlighter on the upper face, providing a gorgeous texture that enhances the skin’s gloss and is perfect for a party look. But please note that pearl blush will highlight pores on the face, so the sister with thick pores should be careful to choose.