Eyeshadow can not only make your eyes look bigger, but it can also change your aura when applied to your makeup. Different colors of eye shadow can achieve other effects, such as dark eye shadow can make your eyes more profound, pink eye shadow can make you cuter, and wine red eye shadow can make your eyes sexier.

So how to use eye shadow correctly for novices?
  1. First of all, brush with eye shadow to take appropriate light brown eye shadow, in the upper eyelid of the entire eye socket daub, daub technique to dizzy from the back to the front, the effect will be better.
  2. Use the same eye shadow again and continue to apply a thin layer on the lower eyelid.
  3. The following use is dark brown eye shadow. You can use an eye shadow brush with a small amount of eye shadow in the deepest position of the eye socket brush again. So it uses different levels of brown eye shadow overlay to create a deep sense of the eyes.
  4. Dip an appropriate amount of light golden eye shadow, daub in the middle part of the upper eyelid so that it can play a role in brightening, and create a sense of the depth of light color so that the whole eye makeup looks more distinctive.
  5. Draw a thin upper and lower lash line with gold coffee eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes.
  6. Finally, you can use long and thin mascara, brush one layer on your eyelashes, and then evenly brush the second layer with thick mascara so that your eyelashes will become long and dense, and your eyes will appear larger.
For beginners, the choice of eye shadow is essential. Beginners can choose their own eye shadow according to their situation or the texture of eye shadow.
Choose according to your situation:
  1. Single eyelid: for the person with a single eyelid, when choosing eye shadow, the first: should choose the matte eye shadow, do not choose flash; Second: avoid shiny, delicate colors in particular. Shinier, lighter colors will make your eyes look smaller, so those with matte eyeshadow and single LIDS will work best.
  2. Swollen eyelids: for swollen eyelids of the baby, the hot pink and orange department are not suitable. Do you think it will look good, go up or like a giant orange, or like being beaten? And try not to use a shimmery eyeshadow to brighten the eyes. Otherwise, everyone’s attention will be on the eyes, and the eyes appear more swollen. The dumb bright ground color is the excellent choice of swollen eye baby, detumescence and appears eyes abstruse. Similar colors can be chosen. For example, you can try orange-brown and red-brown eye shadow with brown tones.
Choose according to the texture of eye shadow:
  1. Matte: The characteristic of matte eye shadow is the high saturation of the color, and it is easier to apply blush. It is very suitable for use as a daily makeup eye shadow style. A lot of dumb light eye shadow color and luster degree is small so that the color will be dark. It is a good choice for our daily makeup. Its other advantage is that the dark can keep our eyes bright and deep, which eye type can be a good fit by dumb light if some eyes are swollen. It’s a great way to disguise it. Also, matte without sequins is very understated.
  2. Shimmery: shimmery and matte, on the contrary, is a more high-profile type, which added a lot of light flashes, relatively more prone to fly powder. Because it’s soft and shiny, it’s excellent for big occasions and dates. Even if the pressure is pretty solid, I hope that when girls make up with a brush with a bit of water to draw, to avoid flying powder.
  3. Chrome: Chrome is a kind of eye shadow that does not significantly pick one’s eye model, no matter sheet besmear still fold brush is lovely, after using, there is another color on its surface to show. A lot of girls love it.