I don’t know if you have such a problem, obviously and others to buy the same foundation, skin texture is similar, but the effect after the makeup is very different, others are with the effect of soft skin, their own is uneven skin tone, this is why? In fact, the answer is very simple, is the problem of the beauty blender, check your current beauty blender, is not hard, with this kind of chicken rib products, how can the makeup posture? Today we will talk about the selection of beauty blenders.

At present, the beauty blender material on the market can be broadly divided into four types:

Natural latex (NR), after encountering water will not expand and become larger, flexible, but with a long time the corners will fall off the slag, such as Shu Uemura’s pentagonal sponge, MAKE UP FOR EVER oblique sponge are used in this material.

Nitrile rubber (NBR), a synthetic latex, does not swell in water to become larger, harder, poor skin friendliness, fine compact pores, generally often used to make powder puffs or specifically with a high oil content foundation use of the beauty blender. For example, Shu Uemura’s small bulb foundation with the small bulb gourd sponge.

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) is a synthetic latex that expands when exposed to water, making it flexible and soft, but it has a short time frame and is easy to eat powder, so it is usually used to make inexpensive products with a short life cycle.

Hydrophilic polyurethane (PU), a non-latex material, will expand and become larger when exposed to water, elastic and soft to the touch, skin-friendly, can be used repeatedly, most of the beauty blenders on the market are made of this material.


How to choose a good beauty blender?

After understanding the material of beauty blenders, next we analyze the advantages of beauty blenders, so that you can be more accurate screening.

1. Pick from the texture

Elasticity and tightness of the head: Good beauty blenders pinch up good resilience, fine surface, pores are not obvious, the texture is relatively tight, tight! Poor quality beauty blender feel Chai Chai, soft, elasticity is not enough ! Some babies have a misconception: the softer the sponge beauty blender the better this is not true, very soft beauty blender especially eat powder!

Absorbency: Very important point! Because the beauty blender to wet makeup effect is the best, the most flattering Good beauty blender absorbency, water absorption can double the volume. This is the standard of a good beauty blender! And poor quality beauty blenders poor water absorption ability, will not be significantly larger.

Squeeze water release ability: The good beauty blender is squeezed after absorbing water, the water is a piece of gushing out while the poor quality beauty blender can not squeeze what water, or can only see the water beads.

2. Pick from the shape

beauty blenders have many shapes and different functions.

Traditional teardrop shape. The classic beauty blender-shaped beauty blender is perfect for newcomers. The rounded butt can be used to apply makeup over a large area and avoid streaks of foundation. And the pointed top is suitable for more delicate locations, such as under the eyes, nose and corners of the mouth. The rounded design is suitable for applying foundation as well as blush and shadows for a very even and natural effect.

Evolved beauty blender Type. The evolution version is different from the traditional in that the bottom is flat, which allows for a more flattering fit on the face when applying makeup. It also retains the pointed top and rounded sides, while taking into account the makeup on all parts of the face.

Gourd shape.Other than the beauty blender shape, the gourd shape is also very popular. The “waist” in the middle of the beauty blender makes the makeup feel better, and because of the “waist”, the beauty blender has more area to use. From foundations, concealers, loose powders, blushes and touch-ups. All you need is a beauty blender.

Stamped shape. There are also stamp-shaped beauty blenders on the market, with the top and bottom planes designed for different ranges of areas and the top edge of the stamp suitable for parts such as the corners of the mouth. But because the seal-shaped beauty blender does not have the top of the beauty blender and gourd type, it may be difficult for makeup novices to handle E: Irregular polygon: polygon shaped beauty blenders take into account both large or small flat and round surfaces, each side is available in different functions and parts, which can reduce the number of cleaning.

And the angular design is thoughtful enough to estimate the details of multiple places, while the beveled surface is designed to fit the face in a large area, making the makeup feel more flattering.

Can I only use the beauty blenders wet?

No, but only if the water content of the product is low, otherwise the beauty blenders will absorb water and affect the makeup effect of the foundation. After wetting the beauty blender, the amount of powder will be reduced to a certain extent, so it can better spread the foundation evenly, so it is more recommended to use it wet.


How to wash the beauty blender?

1. squeeze the cleaning agent onto the beauty blender and put it into a plastic bag with an appropriate amount of water inside the bag.

2. knead and squeeze the beauty blender so that the cleaning agent is soaked through, repeatedly and gently squeeze out the internal foundation (do not pinch it with your nails).

3. squeeze until no visible foundation comes out of the beauty blender, then rinse with water until there is no foam.

4. use dry paper towels to absorb the moisture from the beauty blender, place it on the beauty blender holder and place it in a cool, ventilated place to dry naturally (do not expose it to the sun).