Many people are caught in the dilemma of makeup showing dirty, showing dirt, but after makeup is not as good as plain face, which is what we often call “ineffective makeup”, but in fact, not only ordinary people, many celebrities will also have the problem of makeup showing old.
The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.
1. Light base makeup
The success or failure of a makeup look is mostly determined by the base makeup. The majority of newcomers are prone to floating powder, heavy base makeup, the situation of the false face, looks neither the effect of makeup, but not a good state of vegetation.
In fact, in addition to choosing a suitable one for yourself, the technique is also important. A lot of people choose to paint the base makeup on their face and then press it with a makeup egg. In fact, this is a very easy way for newcomers to apply make-up, as it can easily become stuck and too heavy.
It’s not as natural as applying your makeup with your hands. For example, if you dip your fingers into the foundation and blot it from the side of your nose, then apply it on one side and then the other, it will come out more natural. Another way to create a natural foundation for newcomers is to use a foundation brush.
Squeeze a little foundation into your hand and then dip the brush into it to apply it to your face. The first thing you need to do is to find a brush with thick, dense bristles. If the bristles are sparse and the workmanship is rough, it will be easy to apply unevenly. After painting, press with a warm water-soaked makeup egg for a more natural, clear look.
2. Use loose powder to neutralise the colour of your face trim
Many girls feel their face is too big and want it to look smaller so they frantically brush on shadows on the side of their face, making the base makeup dirty and particularly unnatural! The correct way is to neutralise it with the help of loose powder. You can use a loose bristle finishing brush to dip into the loose powder and brush the finishing plate before applying the finishing touch. This will allow the loose powder to blend with the finishing powder and neutralise the colour of the finishing touch to avoid heavy handedness and a beard! Then slowly work your way up from the jawline for a clean, natural finish!
3. Tear troughs, dark circles
For tear troughs, use a finer, smaller brush like this one and dab it on the deepest line of the tear trough. If the dark circles are heavy, try this blogger’s method, choose an orange lipstick and dip your finger into it and dab it on the dark circle area. Then cover the lipstick with concealer and slowly push out the edges with your fingertips, being careful not to get it on the under-eye area. If your skin type is not particularly good, and you have more acne, pimple marks or blemishes, you can swap the concealer with the primer, starting with the concealer and then the primer. You will need to set your make-up once more after the same.
4. not too heavy eyeliner
I believe that many single-eyed or swollen-eyed soft-skinned girls who wear eyeliner have stepped on such a mine: either they draw a lonely, open eyes, no effect to enlarge the eyes! Or it’s so thick that it looks like you’ve had a semi-permanent tattoo, showing off your age! The correct way to do it is to find the right place to draw a natural upward eyeliner. First find a point parallel to the border of the eye, about 2mm out from the end of the eye, pull a line inwards and draw a small triangle, then just fill in the base of the lashes.
5. Don’t overdo your eyebrows
Eyebrows are a pain in the neck for many girls! Many of us have followed online tutorials many times, but every time we end up with crayon eyebrows! It’s important to be careful not to overdo your eyebrows, as many newbies to eyebrow painting are in a situation where the entire eyebrow is too thick and abrupt.
If you want your eyebrows to look good, you should first eliminate any excess stray hairs. Also, brush your eyebrows with a brush before painting them.
Our usual eyebrow painting tools are eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powders.
Eyebrow pencil: When using an eyebrow pencil, sharpen it and follow the direction of the hair flow, drawing the end of the eyebrow first before transitioning to the middle of the eyebrow. The head of the eyebrow is gently brought through will be unmade. When using an eyebrow pencil, be careful not to over-contour your eyebrows, as “deep in the middle and shallow at the top and bottom” will be more natural.
Eyebrow powder: If you are new to eyebrow painting, you can choose a powder that you can dip into once and apply it to the middle of your eyebrows, then draw the outline to create a “deep middle, shallow top and bottom” look. The head and tail of the eyebrow can be outlined with a pencil.
A good eyebrow has three things: 1) a proper crest and a sense of line; 2) the head of the eyebrow is not too thick and not too thick; 3) the tail of the eyebrow is not lower than the head of the eyebrow.

6. Blush
Blush is also a way of shaping the face. There are different ways to apply it to different face shapes, but the technique is similar.
Also please use a stippling brush to apply blush, so natural and light it looks like it’s coming through the skin! I recommend everyone to buy it! After smiling, gently blush from the highest point of the apple muscle upwards or outwards in a doughnut style.
That’s all I have to share about 6 tips for newbie makeup for this issue.