Nowadays, many girls are very concerned about skincare, and we all know that if skincare work is done correctly, the skin will become more healthy and hydrated.
You’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. However, many girls do not know how to remove makeup properly, so here is a tutorial on the correct way to remove makeup, which is clean and gentle enough for nannies to follow for healthier skin.
First of all, we need to know the dangers of not removing makeup or not removing it cleanly!
1. we use cosmetics such as foundation containing oil ingredients. If not unloaded clean, long-term down will block pores, resulting in large pores, blackheads, acne, and skin problems.
2. environmental pollution should not be underestimated. Air pollution, computer radiation, kitchen fumes, sweat secretion, and so on will add to the burden of our skin, which is not clean and easy to grow acne and blackheads ah! How can we tolerate this dirty dirt on our faces?
3. many cosmetics we use are waterproof makeup, such as eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, etc. This type of makeup can not be thoroughly cleaned with ordinary interface products. If long-term cleaning is not in place, it is easy to appear dull local skin situation.
4. think about how expensive our water, milk, essence, cream, and other maintenance products are! If we don’t even remove the makeup from our face, how will our skin absorb these care products?
Eye makeup remover tutorial.


First, pour eye and lip makeup remover onto a cotton pad. In this step should be noted that the amount of makeup remover should be sufficient. It is best to wet the cotton pad thoroughly. Half dry and wet makeup remover can not remove clean lip makeup and is easy to pull the eye skin.
Next, close your eyes and press the moistened cotton pad against your eyes. Press for about ten seconds, and then pull the cotton pad down in the direction of the mascara from top to bottom to remove the makeup from the eyelashes and eyeliner area.
Finally, use a cotton pad to remove any areas that have not been removed. For example, the inner eyeliner and the corners of the eyes are prone to the residue, so these areas need to be removed with a separate secondary focus.
Lipstick remover tutorial.
First, as with eye makeup removal, use a moistened cotton pad on the lips for about ten seconds to melt the lipstick makeup and cleanse it more thoroughly.
Secondly, from top to bottom, gently wipe in the direction of the lip lines, pay attention not to notice, avoid horizontal or force too much, it is the lips so easy to hurt the lip skin leading to the phenomenon of increased lip lines.
Finally, the corners of the mouth and lip perimeter parts of the makeup are to be thoroughly removed. This step should be noted to avoid lip makeup lingering on the skin outside the lip perimeter; otherwise, it will be easy to make the lip perimeter black or lead to pigmentation of the situation.
Facial makeup removal.
The makeup removing the power of makeup remover products is makeup remover water < makeup remover oil < makeup remover cream, which does not mean that makeup remover water is the most gentle makeup remover product.
Because we need to use makeup remover with the help of cotton pads to remove makeup, makeup remover is a watery texture. Pour it on a makeup remover cotton pad and then rub it on the skin to remove makeup. It is easy to pull the skin and make the pores bigger, leading to over-cleaning. The oil and cream are relatively solid and gentle, and they are water-soluble and can be emulsified with water to cleanse the face without hurting the skin. Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover into the palm of your hand to emulsify it slightly, then rub it slowly over your face to remove it quickly.