Stinky tofu is a popular snack for many people, and its preparation and taste vary greatly across the country. Of these, Changsha and Nanjing are very famous for their stinky tofu. Stinky tofu from Taiwan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and Yulin also have their specialities. For lovers of stinky tofu, it doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it’s good!
As far as I can remember, stinky tofu in Changsha is black, fried in oil, with a small slit cut in the middle and filled with the sauce and chopped spring onion, coriander and garlic. One bite and the sauce fills your mouth, then you chew on the stinky tofu and eat it together. It’s a real treat!


Nanjing stinky tofu can be divided into two types: the tile grey stinky tofu and the grey and white tender tofu. There is also stinky tofu sold on bamboo skewers on carts, all of which are stinky, but each has a slightly different taste. Again, they are eaten with local flavour profiles.
The stinky tofu in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, is more yellow and looks just as crispy on the outside as it does on the inside, and the sauce doesn’t look very heavy, so I haven’t had it yet.
Taiwanese stinky tofu can be served with special kimchi with a crisp surface and many holes inside. Taiwanese stinky tofu is drizzled with different sauces, including garlic sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, chilli sauce, etc.


Shanghai’s stinky tofu looks thicker, and when fried, one bite is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside while still hot. Drizzled with a fresh, sweet sauce, one bite and the combination of the tofu aroma and the sauce will tantalise your taste buds!
Stinky tofu is made all over the country, and each place has different characteristics. Taking the elements of local tastes and adding the stink of stinky tofu, those who love it love to eat it to their heart’s content!


How to make it at home
Ingredients: 12 pieces of stinky tofu (bought at the supermarket), rapeseed oil: 1 rice bowl, coriander: 1 stick, shallots: 2 sticks, garlic: 1, pepper: 4, chicken seasoning: 1 spoon, salt: 15g, corn starch: 1 spoon
1. All low heat, pour in canola oil, and low heat to heat the oil; when you see the oil bubbles, you can slowly put the stinky tofu into the oil for frying;
2. Deep fry until both sides are crispy and crispy, drain the oil and remove from the pan.


3. Pour in the rapeseed oil over low heat. When the oil is about six minutes hot, stir fry the garlic and chopped chillies, then pour into the water and bring to a boil, adding the chicken seasoning, coriander, spring onion and salt in that order.
4. Tear the stinky tofu down the middle with chopsticks, dip it into the soup, then fish it out and arrange it on a plate.
5. Drizzle the soup over the top, and the finished product is ready.