The effect of drinking coffee on the skin
Drinking coffee can help remove free radicals from the skin and play an anti-oxidant and anti-aging role. Drinking coffee in moderation can slow down skin aging. In addition, coffee can also accelerate the metabolism of the skin, so that the skin cells remain full of vitality, can promote the renewal of old keratin layer off, but also lighten the poor circulation caused by dark circles under the eyes.
1, calming skin, exfoliation: coffee contains more polyphenol substances, this substance can play antioxidant, anti-inflammatory sterilization, can remove free radicals, often drink coffee to reduce wrinkles, so that the skin becomes more energetic, can make the skin become more smooth and delicate.
2, beauty and anti-aging: coffee among the flavonoids can play the effect of antioxidants, coffee itself can promote kidney function, also has a diuretic effect, can accelerate skin metabolism, and this anti-aging vitamin E, can play a beauty care, slow aging effect.
3, the skin will be more smooth and bright: coffee contains coffee grounds, can be said to be a natural body scrub, with which you can exfoliate, but also make the skin become smoother, the skin tone will be brighter.
4, weight loss and slimming: black coffee many girls like to drink, because black coffee does not have any chemical composition, the taste is a bit bitter, but it can consume the energy inside the body, but also to speed up the metabolism, but also to increase the consumption of calories, but also to achieve the effect of weight loss and slimming.
Does drinking coffee make your skin darker?
Drinking coffee does not make the skin darker. Although coffee is a dark brown drink, but the melanin in coffee does not deposit on human skin to form pigmentation, and will not make the skin darker.
Coffee contains caffeine, while the right amount of caffeine can reduce muscle fatigue, promote the secretion of digestive juices, and can also speed up metabolism and help improve rough skin problems.

Is drinking coffee more likely to cause hair loss?
There is no data in the world to prove that drinking coffee can cause hair loss, but there is data from Germany that shows that coffee can help prevent hair loss in men.
But don’t think that coffee alone can completely stop hair loss, some experts say you have to drink 60 to 70 cups of coffee a day to get the caffeine to the roots of your hair, which can inhibit hair loss from the root.
Does drinking coffee make you fat?
Whether or not coffee makes you fat depends on what kind of coffee you are drinking. The instant coffee sold on the market in general, which adds a lot of sugar and creamer, will put you at risk of gaining weight. But if you drink black coffee, you will not become fat, and can help you lose weight. Because black coffee contains caffeine can stimulate the body to secrete adrenaline, which helps the body to break down more fat out of the body.
Will drinking coffee cause acne?
Some people have acne but do not know why, it is likely that the coffee you drink is to blame. The high calorie content of coffee and the dairy products added to it can promote the accelerated growth of acne. And caffeine is irritating to the skin and will deplete the body of vitamin b, which will also increase acne. So acne-loving friends, occasionally drink a cup or can, but do not drink too much!

Drinking coffee will make your teeth yellow?
The discoloration of teeth due to coffee is mainly due to the brown substance inside the coffee. Raw coffee beans are light green, and after roasting, they turn brown. The unique brown color of roasted beans is mainly formed by caramel, fiber, amino acids, chlorogenic acid and some minerals, it is not a single component and a single color, but a general term for different colors and different components mixed together.
These brown substances are deposited on the plaque biofilm on the tooth surface, attaching to the tooth surface together with the plaque, and if they cannot be removed at the stage when they can be cleaned, they form pigments (what we call coffee stains) and dark tartar that cannot be removed by rinsing and brushing the teeth themselves, along with the mineralization of calcium and phosphorus in the saliva.
This is called exogenous hyperpigmentation in professional terms.
However, excessive intake of coffee can bring harm to the skin
1, if the intake of coffee in excess, because of its diuretic effect, drink more will accelerate the excretion of urine, thus causing excessive water loss inside the body, the phenomenon of dehydration, and skin dehydration is prone to dryness, fine lines and other problems.
2, while coffee contains caffeine, moderate caffeine intake can refresh the brain, but excessive intake will make people excited, difficult to sleep, resulting in insomnia, such as regular coffee insomnia, the body’s resistance will decline, the skin cells have no luster, lack of moisture, bad complexion, etc..
The best time for women to drink coffee
10:00 am or 2:00 pm to drink the best coffee.
10:00 am or 2:00 pm coffee time, not only to avoid the hazards caused by fasting and drinking coffee before bedtime on the body, but also can play a good refreshing effect, because most people in the work or study of this time period are prone to sleepy, can not raise the spirit of the moment, this time to a cup of coffee is a blessing, can drive away sleepiness, improve the efficiency of work or study.
Although coffee has many changes to the body, only moderate consumption can have such effects. It is best not to drink more than 250 mg of coffee per day, and people with heart and stomach diseases, as well as pregnant women and children, need to avoid taking coffee, and not to drink coffee on an empty stomach to avoid irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa.
The benefits of drinking coffee over a long period of time are many and will produce many good changes to your appearance. People who want to lose weight are still helped by drinking in moderation. However, coffee after all contains a certain amount of caffeine, a lot of taking is also bad for the body, especially the kind of coffee containing creamer and sugar is best to drink less.