Weight loss is a topic that we are all too familiar with, but it takes a lot of effort to achieve the intensity of a supermodel’s weight loss. Supermodel Erin Heatherton loves ballet mainly because “it keeps you happy, makes you more beautiful, and uncovers your possibilities.”
Many people use jogging, cycling, and swimming to stay in shape. Supermodel Doutzy shared that her secret to staying in shape is to do five sets of planks every day for three minutes each, followed by a lifting massage with massage cream, which is also the best way to burn fat. “
Supermodel Alexandra Ambrosio also does Pilates and yoga three times a week and does a 10-day Brazilian butt lift course. Although it’s not hard to maintain your physique, it takes a toll, and although your back is sore after each session, the great shape you reap at the end of your training is a joy to behold.
All the beauty on the show comes from the hard work and dedication off stage, from every drop of sweat behind their backs.
It is said that every year, one month before the start of the show, the angels have to go through a series of fat loss and body shaping exercises, such as flat road running, uphill running, downhill running, mountain climbing, mock alternating leg stretches, lunge and high leg lift, etc. The intrinsic factors that go into the formation of supermodels cannot be ignored. Almost all models must undergo a rigorous selection process, and supermodels are selected from a thousand to one.
Here’s a collection of weight loss tips from some of the Victoria’s Secret Angel.
Lily Cole
“I don’t really have a regimen, I don’t eat milk, wheat or sugar in my diet, it gives me a great sense of achievement when I successfully avoid these foods, although occasionally I do accidentally make an exception ……”
Coodie Young
“I think it’s really important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and I love fruit! Also, I stick to good sleep habits. As far as exercise goes, I tend to walk, run and yoga.”
Irina Shayk
“I drink a lot of water, but I never go on a diet. Whether it’s cake, or ice cream, I eat it all. It’s really just a matter of balance and if I’m in a better mood after eating them, I can spend hours in the gym.”
Miranda Kerr
“I try to eat only organic food and drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated. I like to keep my body in motion at all times, it might have something to do with the fact that I grew up in gymnastics myself and I started yoga when I was 14, it’s a really good thing to keep moving.”
Nataila Vodianova
“For girls who want to be models, health really has to be taken seriously because those modelling agencies only want to sign healthy girls and if you want to be the one who shines in the eyes of others, you have to stay fit, if you are not fit, you will be seen anyway.”
Freja Beha Erichsen
“Over the past few months I have learnt that I can take a proper nap wherever I go, and that’s how I keep fit. Of course, eating healthy food is a must, especially fruit, vitamins, etc., and drinking plenty of water is very good for the skin. By the way, I have succeeded in quitting smoking!”
Stella Tennant
“I think the best way to nourish your body is nothing else but to eat healthy and balanced.”
Rosie Huntingtion-Whiteley
“Although I eat very little, it’s not that I’m mindlessly on a diet. It’s that I already like to keep it simple. Although I eat less, I eat healthily, probably because I grew up on a farm. If I were to lose weight or detox, I would choose not to eat carbs or sugar.”
Their pretty faces and long, slender thighs are like a person’s height, most of which is predetermined rather than cultivated. And even if they have good talent, they must undergo lengthy and rigorous fitness training. Supermodels don’t get their bodies from starvation alone. Most of them have a thorough training program, and the fact that many supermodels have been in good shape for more than a decade is closely related to the fact that they maintain their fitness training.
Their hard work and strict diets are probably more than many people imagine. As a result, many supermodels go through an intensive fat loss program in the weeks leading up to their catwalk.
Some models even go on dehydration fasts before going on stage to get into the best physical condition possible. If you are sick for a few days and can’t eat properly, you may also find that you seem to lose a lot of weight, have less sebum, and look better all at once. The same goes for models’ almost demanding pre-show preparation before they go on stage.