1 Bring an eraser with you before you purchase it, and rub the yoga mat with it to see whether the material is easy to break?
2 If your financial condition allows, I would like to recommend you buy a yoga mat made of mixed natural latex and hemp. Compared with traditional  PVC material, it will be safer for the human body and environment.
3 Gently push the surface of the yoga mat with your palm. The surface should be dry. If the surface is wet, it means there are still a lot of residual foaming agents on the mat surface. Users will easily slip or fall when using it.
4 Please test the tolerance of the mat by pinching it with your fingers. A yoga mat with good elasticity can provide a protective function for the users when using it.
5 To avoid injury, we recommend that users choose their yoga mat with appropriate thickness according to their level. For instance, for a yoga beginner, it is better to use a mat of 6mm thickness.
Additionally, we strongly suggest that please clean the public yoga mat with wipes or sprays before you use it in the gym room. It largely reduces the risk of infecting skin diseases. Because an uncleaned yoga mat is likely to harbor bacteria, fungi, and dust mites. Those bacteria can lead to folliculitis. Meanwhile,  fungi are prone to ringworm and foot fungus. In addition, dust mites are the biggest threat to allergic people by inducing allergic dermatitis and asthma.
In conclusion, it is important to choose an appropriate yoga mat for yourself. Because a good yoga mat can help you prevent a lot of unnecessary injuries. Thus, please choose your yoga mat carefully.