Red wine can beauty care is a lot of girls know things but do not know why. Red wine inside what substances can beauty, how to use the best effect? Here’s a look at the causes and consequences of red wine beauty.
Red wine has a whitening and anti-aging beauty effect, mainly with its rich nutrients and related chemicals.
1. Red wine polyphenols and resveratrol are proven super strong oxidants, can effectively resist free radicals, and prevent cellular oxidation. Foreign studies have confirmed that the whitening effect of polyphenols in red wine is 20-50 times higher than that of general beauty products.
2. SOD activity is exceptionally high, can neutralize, remove the free radicals produced by the body, protect the cell nucleus organs from oxidation, and anti-skin aging; SOD extracted from red wine its antioxidant function is much higher than that extracted directly from grapes, which is also the reason why drinking red wine than now eating grapes beauty effect is much better.
3. Rich in melatonin, can effectively promote the metabolic activity of skin cells, boost the metabolism of melanin in the body, and prevent pigmentation so that the skin can restore whitening and clean.
4. Rich in tannin acid, has the role of preventing radiation damage to the skin.
5. The low concentration of fruit acids has an anti-wrinkle and skin cleansing effect.
In addition, the alcohol in red wine can promote blood circulation and enhance skin metabolism and nutrient absorption. Because skin problems such as blemishes, dull yellowing, and wrinkles are not unrelated to slow cell metabolism, oxidation, and lack of nutrients, usually the melanin below the epidermis is slowly metabolized upwards to the upper epidermis and then starts to fall off. The problem is, therefore, more severe.
The beautiful effects of red wine
1. red wine and anti-aging
The significant benefit of red wine for the skin is that the concentrated essence extracted from the finest red wine through biotechnology can control skin aging. Red wine is rich in nutrients – “polyphenols.” Its anti-aging ability is 50 times that of vitamin e and 25 times that of vitamin c. It is undoubtedly an excellent natural antioxidant.
2. red wine and skin rejuvenation
As early as 1886, a biologist pointed out that “wine is a clean, healthy drink.” In the past, the French court ladies, today’s film stars, and models always have aged wine to nourish the skin. Red wine beauty can promote the skin’s metabolism so that the skin to restore a healthy luster so that the rough skin becomes delicate and smooth again.
3. red wine and acne and skin purification
Red wine contains a mild, low concentration of fruit acids, which have a good role in purifying the skin.
Fruit acids can gently exfoliate the skin surface of the aging cells, at the same time, stimulate the metabolism of the dermis and healthy renewal. Acne, acne patients have a remarkable effect on restoring skin health.
4. red wine and whitening spots
The grape polyphenols contained in red wine can quickly block the production of melanin and inhibit the activity of the enzyme ammonia lyase, resist pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays, thus reducing the production of freckles. At the same time, red wine can also maintain skin elasticity and improve skin health.
In addition, the wine acid in red wine can promote skin keratin metabolism, making the skin more white and smooth.
5. homemade whitening and anti-aging red wine mask
The homemade mask with red wine often has immediate effects, whitening, antioxidants, and other effects.
Red wine is rich in beautiful ingredients. A glass of red wine every day can beautify and purify the skin; it can also be made into a red wine mask, whitening, and antioxidant. Warm tips: drink a small glass of it daily in moderation—alcohol allergic skin caution with the cover.