Kazuki Sawamura starred in the latest series of Asahidai Muyo\’s inference file in 2019, \”Criminal ゼロ\” (criminal return to zero). The inference industry leader Masaji Todayama of \”Aibang\” and \”Kissouyan\” served as the screenwriter. Yokoyama, who has collaborated with \”Absolute Zero 3\”, served as the soundtrack. This drama is a criminal drama that ends with 1 episode each time. The protagonist, the elite detective Shiya Rihiko (played by Kazuki Sawamura) of the Kyoto Prefectural Police Investigation Section, suffered a fall 20 years ago. After waking up, although he can remember things in daily life, his personality becomes less confident and cares about the eyes around him, and he loses all the memories of becoming a criminal policeman, leaving only the excellent five senses and insights that he was born with, and the hatred for the root of sin And sense of justice. Like a criminal policeman with zero experience, he can solve the case in unexpected ways. As for the reason why he lost his memory, not only was he injured while chasing the prisoner, but also the psychological impact of knowing a certain secret. Although divorced once, the memories related to his wife are also lost. Sawamura said that it is a great honor to join Mu Yao\’s longevity drama series with a fresh feeling like a \”new participant\” this time. Although I have played many criminal police roles in the past, I have never played in the setting of Shiya this time. In addition, the stage is in Kyoto, where you can take pictures of beautiful scenery that cannot be seen in Tokyo, and you can also feel the human touch and customs in Kyoto. I hope to bring you a new type of suspense drama that can be enjoyed by different generations. His partner is the rookie female detective Sasang Tomoka (played by Takimoto Miori). Tomoka has little love experience and has always admired the shrewd and capable Toshiya in the past. He remembered all the cases he investigated in his head, and Shiya lost his memory. It later became his \”instruction manual\”, allowing him to solve the case with his five senses and observation skills combined with the past experience he knew from Zhijia. In real life, the two people who are 24 years apart and 22 cm in height show a contrasting and interesting interaction in the play. Takimoto said that when he saw Sawamura on TV, she thought he was super handsome. She likes to feel masculine with humor. He is handsome and funny, and has a wide range of roles. She is an excellent actor who can do everything. The ideal type, so I look forward to co-acting. It premiered on January 10, 2019, and the first return was 2 hours Special.