Haruma Miura (29) will star in the new TV drama \”TWO WEEKS\”, which will be aired every Tuesday at 9 pm from July. This drama is adapted from the Korean drama \”Two Weeks\” of the same name aired in 13 years. Haruma plays the protagonist·Kyuu Cheng Dadi had served his sentence for attempted murder in the past, and now he has lost hope in his life, spending every day unconsciously, but at this time, the only love in life appeared in front of him, but he was alone because of something. The women who said goodbye were told that they gave birth to their daughter, Xiaohua. Unfortunately, Xiaohua now has leukemia and needs to match the blood type. Fortunately, Yuki’s bone marrow matches her daughter perfectly, and she can move in two weeks. Surgery. At the same time, Yuki was framed and arrested as a murderer, so he began to flee for two weeks to save his daughter. In addition, Chun Ma, who starred in this file for the first time, will also challenge fierce fighting scenes and various costume styles in the play.