The play tells of the court\’s time bomb, the blood of the past dynasties judge Li Jingzhu\’s brother was wronged and killed, and finally killed, Li Jingzhu and great power to fight. Yan Yuzhen acted as a judge of the criminal agreement department of Seoul District Court. Shi Yixian dreamed of becoming a respected judge from an early age. He had a calm mind and a warm heart, and was a famous judge who rejected all townsfolk, classmates, money relations, and judged by law and conscience. He and Li Jingzhu in the same department, began a bad relationship, both comrades and competitors. Park plays the role of \”Li Jingzhu \”, a criminal agreement judge in Seoul District Court. She is a judge with emotional disorders and has become the protagonist of the first court event in South Korea\’s history. Film title of the play & lt;이판사판> is pun, as a word is \”desperate \”, divided into two words are\” Li judge, Shi judge \”-Jun Li, Shi judge-Li Jingzhu, Shi Yixian. The co-director of The Actor is expected to premiere in November.