The long-awaited crazy comedy drama \”Limited Time Police\” is finally back. Since the broadcast of \”Limited Time Police\” in 2005, this grotesque shape is rough, but it always uses amazing wisdom to solve the aging of \”time-out cases\”. The police has won widespread love and support from the audience. The plot is witty and funny, and the characters can continue to create various jokes. It is a good TV series that people who like comedy must never miss. This time, \”Returning Time Limitation Police\” all the original crew recreated classics. The sloppy protagonist Shuichiro Kiriyama and his beautiful partner San Riyuejing encountered many cases that had expired and solved them one by one. In addition to these, the audience is also very concerned about the ambiguous relationship between Xiu Yilang and Xiaojing. Can there be a pleasant explanation this time? Wait and see.