The play is adapted from the online novel \”Sister\”. It is a story of an otaku and an otaku. It tells the story of an outstanding curator in a museum, a star-chaser otaku who is a super otaku at home, and an arrogant newcomer offline. Curator, online is the heyday of the easy-going fake otaku and the present ongoing tense of black history. Park Min Young plays Sung De-mi. She has been a fan of G.O.D\’s Yoon Ki-sang and has been an idol’s otaku girl for 20 years. She concealed the nature of an otaku girl, ostensibly as the chief curator of the art museum, but with the appearance of the new curator Ryan Gauld, the nature of the otaku girl who had hidden for 20 years is facing a crisis of being exposed. Jin Zaiyu plays Ryan Gauld, the new curator of the museum. He has a high forehead, a tall nose, a clear face and long legs, hair that strays in the wind… He has an indescribable subtle atmosphere with his own BGM. Rather than being the director of an art gallery, it is better to say that it is a work of art exhibited in an art gallery for appreciation.