Takamori Saigo (Kokichi, Yoshinosuke) grew up in a poor lower samurai house in Satsuma (Kagoshima). She lost her parents early and worked as an assistant to an official to supplement her household budget, but when she saw a person in trouble she could not let her go and gave her all her salary and lunch. The Saigo family are getting poorer and their families are amazed, but Saigo laughs at his hunger. Charismatic Satsuma feudal lord, Akira Shimadzu noticed such a naive Saigo. Saigo is also fascinated by Qi-Qing, who insists that \”the happiness of the people enriches and strengthens the country.\” Saigo takes the deadly life of QiBing to Edo and to Kyoto. Become the key person of Satsuma. Farewell to the encounter with a lifelong teacher, QiBing. A faint love with Atsugi. Friendship and denial with friends. After a sense of adolescence, three marriages and two islands… A simple man who was nothing more than a poor samurai of the poor, awakened to love in southern Amami, met Katsu Kaifune, Ryoma Sakamoto, and other allies, and awakened as an unwavering \”revolutionary\” before eventually achieving the Meiji Restoration.