The protagonist, Tosakibuki (Takeuchi Aisha), who is more masculine than boys, is admired as a handsome guy. His beautiful girl Odasawa Mai (Rena Takeda) suffered from a kidnapping incident in elementary school. With male phobia, Xibo decided to protect her. Appearing in front of the two of them was the frivolous Mutsumi Asada (Mizumi Itagaki). At first, he wanted to chase Mei Yi with the mentality of playing a game, but gradually Asada began to feel his true feelings, and his heart began to shake. In addition, the appearance of the cute boy student Nao Sakurai (Yutaro) will evolve into a four-corner relationship! ? Is Xipu’s sense of responsibility for Mei? Asada\’s appearance let Sibuki know his love mood as a woman, and the relationship between everyone has also undergone subtle changes.