\”Looking for Deng Yingchao\” presents a lifelong revolutionary fighting for communism, an intellectual woman who takes her sole responsibility at work, a kind mother who treats all the children of the world as her own children, and a good wife who pursues dreams together with her husband. On the road of revolution, Zhou Enlai was fighting the enemy in the front, and Deng Yingchao was doing propaganda work, women\’s work, helping refugees and children in the rear. They often passed by at dangerous moments, and the common belief supported them to fear all difficulties and obstacles on the road of revolution. Keep going side by side. Deng Yingchao is not alone. A group of outstanding female revolutionaries such as Soong Ching Ling, Cao Mengjun, and Chen Tiejun accompanied them. They all have a heart for the motherland and dedication to the people. Deng Yingchao\’s mother, Yang Zhende, has been with her forever without fear and danger. She has been arrested and imprisoned several times, silently contributing to the revolution and her daughter. They are all women we should praise and respect today. Deng Yingchao has traveled all over the motherland in her life. Now that she is gone, we need to find her outstanding qualities of dedicating everything to the motherland, and her lifelong revolutionary belief in fighting for communism.