In April 2012, Hoshino Shinta (Okada Masao), a junior at Shirze Academy, was standing at the boundary of school and employment. Although he was about to enter society, he was still unwilling to enjoy a free life. One day his mobile phone was accidentally damaged by a classmate, and the other party paid him a limited edition mobile phone from Chrous. Who knew that Hoshino\’s life changed. A piece of software called \”Future Diary\” appeared unexpectedly on the phone, which recorded what would happen to Hoshino in the next few days. He was triumphant at first, as if he had caught a glimpse of the secrets of life, but soon discovered that there were few events left in the world. Taking this opportunity, the girl Yuno Furusaki (played by Ayame Gangli), who claims to know the past and the future, breaks into his life. In order to change the destiny of death, Shinta had to follow Yuno, but there are more cruel trials waiting for him… This film is based on the original manga of えすのサカエ.