In 1941, Nazi Germany declared war on the Soviet Union. Manchukuo, which was adjacent to the Far East of the Soviet Union, could be invaded by the \”Northern Movement\” led by Narita at any time. Facing the danger of the enemy, the Soviet Far East Intelligence Agency decided to implement a secret plan codenamed \”On Protracted War\”. CCP member Tang Fei was secretly ordered to carry out the plan, incarnate as Colonel Vajim and penetrated the enemy. In the Security Bureau, I got acquainted with Section Chief Cai Meng, an anti-Japanese democrat who sneaked in because of national hatred and family hatred. In the Security Bureau, Tang Fei gained the trust of Narita with his bravery and dexterity and became an important member of the Security Bureau. However, the ghost in the Far East Intelligence Agency caused Tang Fei to fall into the trap designed by Fukuhara and expose himself. However, Tang Fei wisely completed the impossible \”on protracted war\” plan. The Soviet Communist Party General Gerasim decided to exchange Tang Fei with an important Japanese spy, but Tang Fei believed that he had completed the mission and was unwilling to organize to pay the unnecessary price. At the moment of the exchange, he jumped off the cliff. Cai Meng was touched by Tang Fei\’s sacrifice. At the end of World War II, in the seaside nursing home, the first sight Tang Fei opened his eyes and saw was Cai Meng in the morning light.