Nao Kanzaki (played by Toda Erika) is a naive female college student who accidentally received a package one day. After opening it curiously, she discovered that she was involved in a fraud game called \”Liar Game\” and asked to deceive her opponent. Get a bonus. In the first round, under the rhetoric of the opponent, the gullible Xiao Zhi handed over all the money in his hands, only to find out later that he had been fooled. According to the rules of the game, the losing straight will bear a huge debt of up to 100 million yen. In desperation, she finds the talented fraudster Akiyama Shinichi (played by Shota Matsuda) to help herself recover the money. Akiyama is moved by Xiao Zhi\’s innocence and kindness, and agrees to participate in the game and find out who is behind the scenes. As the second, third, and fourth rendezvous proceeded, the competition became more and more cruel and fierce. The two were gradually involved in the abyss of the game, and the truth gradually emerged…© Douban