The NHK BS Premium drama \”Retirement Girls\” screening that started on July 9th was held, and the four stars, Kaho Minami, co-stars Tamiyo Kusari, Michiko Shimizu, and Mako Ishino, appeared with the scriptwriter Kumiko Tabuchi. Asako Miyama, played by Minami, is 53 years old. He was the director of a major trading company, but he was ordered to suddenly relocate and was treated as an obstacle in his new workplace. In addition, the married daughter (Rio Yamashita) came home and was forced to take care of her ex-husband\’s mother (Mitsuko Kusabue), which made her a life of endless success. A drama called Retirement Girls called Heart Warming Drama of Koi Ali Tears Ali. Kusakari, Ishino and Shimizu all appeared as friends of Asako. Every Sunday from 10:00 to 10:49, 8 times in total.