It is reported that actor IU and Lv Zhen-jeou are determined to take on tvN’s new drama \”Moon Hotel\”, which has attracted much attention because it is a new drama of the Hong sisters of the Korean drama. The story of a lonely boss who runs the Moon Hotel together. IU Li Zhien will play Zhang Manyue in the play. He has committed a felony and is bound to the Moon Hotel for a long time. He spends boring and trivial time in the hotel. She looks arrogant and beautiful, but her personality is very withdrawn, greedy and fickle, and will play scheming; Lu Zhenjiu will play the role of the elite hotel manager Gu Cancheng, a perfectionist with obsessive-compulsive disorder, cleanliness, and paranoia in her personality, although she seems rational and calm, But in fact, there is also a fragile side in my heart. I am very demanding on myself. I have created my own perfect work experience. I sat in the position of the youngest second head of a multinational hotel group, but came to the Moon Hotel for unexpected reasons. Receive ghost guests.