The play is a winter story about the newly appointed head of the baseball team, which ranks number one from the bottom and the fans’ tears have shed, preparing for an extraordinary season. This is a TV series about the baseball team preparing for the season. Each episode will solve the problems encountered by the team separately and will be set based on the team\’s strength. Although it uses professional baseball as the theme, it will tell the story behind the less gorgeous arena. Nangong Min will play the role of Bai Seung-soo, the new head of Dreams, who is known as a very capable person. The teams he leads have undergone a reinvention process to achieve precious victories, but the parent company of the team he took over They were all poor companies in the unpopular industry. After winning the championship, the team was disbanded. He received an offer to become the new head of Dreams, the bottom-ranked professional baseball team in Wannian. Directed by PD Zheng Dongyun from \”Strange Partner\” and \”Destiny and Fury\” and written by Li Xinhua, it is expected to be broadcast in November.