In order to crack a telecom fraud case involving a huge amount of money, the former deputy captain of the criminal police team, Kwong Zhong Linwei, was ordered to urgently set up the tenth detachment-the anti-electric fraud detachment, with Zhu Xining, Marseille and others, to fight wits with the increasingly rampant electronic fraud criminal group. Brave, they give full play to their strengths and do their best to protect the people’s property safety. In the process of handling the case, they were not understood and even verbally abused by the victim, which caused many difficulties. The team members really felt the weight and difficulty of the words \”anti-fraud\”. Under the leadership of Captain Kwong Zhong, the team members became more and more in a tacit understanding and solved an electronic fraud case. In the process of solving the case, Kwong Zhong found the behind-the-scenes man behind the electronic fraud case-the leader of the fraud gang from abroad, the \”gold master\”. Kwong Zhong followed up the whereabouts of the \”gold master\” at all costs. After many twists and turns, he finally set up the overseas The fraud dens were swept away.