This drama is directed by An Panseok, the director of \”Wife\’s Qualifications\”, \”Secret Meeting\”, and \”Heard Rumors\”, and written by writer Kim Eun. \”True Love\” story. Son Yezhen plays Yin Zhenya (temporary translation) in the play. She is a super buyer in the comprehensive team of the coffee company\’s store. She is an empty 30 generation who has not achieved work or love. At this time, her best friend Xu Jingshan\’s younger brother Xu Junxi returned from overseas work and returned to China. He, who was like his brother before, suddenly became different, which puzzled Zhenya. Ding Hae-in plays the role of Seo Joon-hee (temporary translation), a computer game company’s planner and game designer. Joon-hee returned to the head office in South Korea three years after finishing his overseas work. Originally, he wanted to live a free life and felt like being transferred back to the headquarters. Not very happy, but everything changed after I met Yin Zhenya again. Although it is a secret that cannot be revealed, but I always want to look at her, want to hold her hand. Unlike director An Panseok\’s previous work that satirized the upper class, this time it will focus on the love story between ordinary men and women, so it has gathered a lot of expectations. This drama is expected to be broadcast on JTBC in March after \”Untouchable\” and \”Misty\”.