The sequel to the TV drama \”Naoki Hansawa\” that set a miracle in Japan\’s Heisei era. The story of this work will take over the previous work, starting with Bansawa being transferred to Tokyo Chuo Securities as the head of business planning. One day, Tokyo Chuo Securities received a huge transaction. A large IT company attempted to spend 150 billion yen in a hostile takeover. The scale of this transaction created a new record in the history of Tokyo Chuo Securities trading. At this time, Banze still didn’t know that a new struggle with the bank was about to kick off… In the new position, can Banze continue to face the difficulties and resolve various problems and obstacles. Can opponents who made things difficult for them be \”doubled back\” again? ! This work was originally written as \”The Counterattack of the Lost Generation\” and \”Icarus of the Silver Wing\” in the series of novels by author Jun Ikeido.