Four women who became close friends by chance-they often hold girls\’ gatherings, drink and have fun, and keep up their usual resentment. But in reality, they had serious problems that no one else could tell. Kaori (Kyoko Hasegawa), a doctor, was burdened by the suicide of her lover, Kido, who had an affair. Kaori\’s son, Takashi, suspects that Kaori is involved in his father\’s suicide, but the two are gradually struck by each other. Tomomi (Miki Mizuno)\’s husband was unknown abroad, but his death was recently recognized and insurance was paid. And Tomomi meets a new man and falls in love for the first time in a long time. Saeko (Genri), a company employee, finds that her husband, who wants a child, has azoospermia and makes an overnight mistake while the hearts of the couple pass each other. The rich lady, Juri (Aya Omasa), sings an unrequited romance, but gets acquainted with a lesbian woman who is about to get married, and is strongly struck by the awakening of pure love for the first time in her life. While Kaori is drowning in a love affair with Kishi, he is hunted down for being accused of helping Kido to commit suicide. Tomomi is involved in a riot over the insurance money left by her late husband, and Saeko is forced to make a more serious decision than a divorce. Juri is eager to break through the love of a female partner she knew for the first time in her life… Is there a happy \”love\” ending in the future of the four of them?