Chiaki Kuriyama becomes an idol geek! \”Similar to extramarital love\” Yumi Adachi, Rio Hirai and others co-starred \”A resemblance to extramarital love\” written by Ayako Miyaki, a popular writer who is also known as a \”censored girl\”, being made into a drama starring Chiaki Kuriyama Was decided. Yumi Adachi, Noriko Eguchi, Rio Hirai and Eriko Toyama will co-star. The drama portrays the worries, dissatisfactions, and troubles of five women who would not have met if they were living normally, such as pregnancy fatigue, sexlessness, husband\’s cheating, single harassment that afflicts single women. .. The director is Takehiko Shinjo, who wrote \”We did it,\” and the script is written by Nishio Ogumi, who writes \”SPEC Zero\” and \”Kingou\”. The dTV original drama \”Similar to Extramarital Love\” (8 episodes / 1 episode updated weekly) will be distributed from June 22.