\”VIP\” is a private office romance drama. Tells about the secret office life of the dedicated team members who manage 1% of the upper-level VIP customers in the department store. Lee Sangyun plays the role of Park Sung-jun, the leader of the VIP responsibility group of the department store. After graduating from a prestigious university, he went directly to the department store for employment. He is capable and ambitious, and when he meets a good time, he is easily promoted to his current position. Many female colleagues admire him very much, and occasionally encounter very direct temptations, but he has not wavered, and has only guarded one woman. Jang Nara plays Nao Jung Sun. She is the deputy head of the VIP customer group. She looks cheerful and cheerful, but has unknown pains. She married Park Sung Joon, the leader of the same group, and started a family, but her life collapsed due to unforeseen events.