\”The Third Charm\” is about two men and women who fall into a brand new \”third charm\” that is not special, but sparkles in each other\’s eyes. They pass through the spring of 20, the summer of 27, and the autumn of 32. Love narrative poems describing the four seasons of love for 12 years. Xu Kangjun plays a different-dimensional reality model student Wen Junying, and Li Xu plays Li Yingcai, a woman who is like an active volcano. Wen Junying is an unusually planned and delicate person, as well as a sensitive, different-dimensional realistic person. Glasses, stiff jeans and white socks, and spotless sneakers that are far from popular, if you want to define a 20-year-old Junying, it is a \”standard model student.\” In order to make up the number of people, he participated in the first friendship in his life, where he met the cock-in-law Yingcai with a loud voice, and gave birth to the only love in his life that did not follow the plan. Li Yingcai is an impulsive, passionate, and charming woman. Her parents are dead, and her brother is dependent on each other. When others are playing, her goal is to work hard to become a rich person. When she was 20, she gave up college and chose to become an assistant to a beautician, and formally entered the society. Her first \”campus life\” was a fellowship that was dragged by a friend, where she met Junying, a man who was completely opposite to herself. .