Directed by directors Kenta Tanaka, Ryosuke Fukuda, and Fumuki Kaneko, \”Love Endless\”, released in 2020, is directed by Kami Shiraishi Moeon, Sato Takeru, Mokuma Katsuya, Subaru, Watanabe Keisuke, Takiuchi Komi, Yoshito etc. Starring in Japanese and Korean dramas. The Japanese and Korean drama \”Love is endless\” is released in Japan, and the full video TV has collected \”Love is endless. Watch now, watch online on mobile mp4, Baidu cloud resources, Thunder HD downloads and other resources. If you have better and faster resources, please contact Full video TV. Sakura Nanase (Kami Shiraishi Moe) has met his true destiny Heavenly Son (Sato Takeshi) by chance. Li is a doctor who works in a hospital. In order to meet him again, Nanase studies hard and becomes a nurse. After five years, he enters the hospital where Prince Charming works in his heart. After working together, Nanase discovered that the prince charming she was thinking about was actually a big \”devil\” with a trembling tongue! In the face of this kind of Ri, Nanase did not retreat, insisting on expressing her love for Ri with enthusiasm. For this reason, everyone around him laughed and called Nanase the \”little warrior.\” Just when everyone laughed at Nanase for being brave and innocent, thinking that she would end in vain, her enthusiasm gradually moved the ruthless Great Demon King. In fact, the reason why the Demon Lord became the Demon Lord was because of a sad past…Can \”Warrior\” Nanase embrace the \”Devil Lord\”?