His mother is a prostitute, and his father is unknown. The only brother Han Jae-hee (played by Park Shi-yeon), who is deeply involved in gambling and even sold her to the old bustard, has always wanted to escape from a slum. When she ran into the house of Jiang Malu (played by Song Zhongji), she jumped deeply into his heart and became a beacon in his heart. For his beloved crime in Xiding, Ma Lu took turns from an outstanding medical student as a murderer in a labor camp. Jae-hee, who repeatedly promised \”I will pay this debt for a lifetime\”, still married the powerful Chairman Xu. After being relentlessly betrayed by Jae Hee, Ma Lu decided to use Chairman Xu\’s daughter Xu Enqi (played by Moon Chae Won) to avenge them after he was released from prison. In the process of revenge, Ma Lu gradually discovered that Enqi was just making herself look strong and not to be bullied. In fact, it was just that she needed to protect herself from harm. Gradually, this man who had a completely different life trajectory from him walked into Eun Ki\’s heart, and at the same time he also learned about his relationship with Jae Hee. Ma Lu, who had not had time to tell En Qi, suffered from brain injury, and went to the United States after undergoing surgery. Did Jiang Malu, who returned from studying in the United States and became a doctor seven years later, lost his memory due to surgery seven years ago? Where will the relationship between him and Eunki go?