This time Ayase Haruka will play an enviable and well-known housewife, telling the heroine in order to correct her other hidden life, lead a happy and stable life, and befriend a man she met through friendship Married and moved into a quiet high-end residential area. However, this housewife named Caimei knows nothing about cooking, cleaning and other housework. She has a strong sense of justice and it is very dangerous to provoke her. Whenever Cai Mei learns that her housewives and friends are in crisis, she will stand up and say \”I\’ll find a way.\” Haruka Ayase, who played the housewife for the first time in a series, introduced: \”I will challenge a role that has both the characteristics of\’cute and cheerful\’ and\’strong and handsome\’, which are not very visible in Japanese TV dramas.\” She also commented: \”Yes. There are places where people can laugh with a\’poof\’, and there are also action scenes that upset bad people and make people happy. If you can watch this work with many highlights every week, I will be very happy. Produced \”SP\”, \”BORDER\”, \”CRISIS\” and other works Jin Cheng said: \”This is the first time to write a TV series featuring women as the main character. And I want to combine family drama and action drama. Although the difficulty is high, I feel relieved to have someone like Haruka Ayase with outstanding talents. I will make an entertaining work with laughter and tears that can make people\’s hearts beat. Stay tuned.