An 18-year-old high school student, Jun (Daichi Kaneko), and a classmate of rotten girls, Miura-san (Ryoko Fujino), who hide their homosexuality. One day, Jun encounters a bookstore where Mr. Miura purchases a BL book. Mr. Miura protests purely that \”BL is a fantasy, real gays are dirty\” and \”It\’s rude to real gays.\” Jun also hides that he is actually gay in his mother, Yoko (Tamae Ando). Jun, who was interested in Mr. Miura, will accompany her at a doujinshi event she loves. On the other hand, Mr. Miura is attracted to Jun who looks at himself as himself. The two suddenly approached each other and Jun was finally confessed to Miura-san on a date set by his childhood friend Ryohei (Yuki Kogoshi)! ―\”Mr. Miura may get normal happiness.\” That is the point where he tries to have sex with Mr. Miura and has sex. Unexpectedly jealous, the two head to a hot spring. There, Jun meets up with gay partner Makoto (Shosuke Tanihara). Where is Jun and Miura\’s love? Eventually, Makoto, Jun\’s mother, and classmates were also disturbed, and their love pattern suddenly expanded dynamically.