Japan’s largest bourgeoisie and a powerful figure in the political and economic circles, the \”God of Money\” secretly gathered a group of young people in the \”Dream Kingdom\” amusement park under construction and let them bet 100 billion days. Yuan bonus, challenge a special game that tests intelligence, physical strength and fortune. If you win, you will get 100 billion yen. Young people who have joined the \”death game\” to reverse their lives at once help each other, share joy, and gradually build true friendship. Sometimes it is a psychological warfare at a critical moment, and sometimes it is a brutal survival game where you have to eliminate your partners. The protagonist, Yu Hailing, who participates in the game, is an informal middle school teacher in the small town’s promotion school. And his true identity is the \”righteous thief\” who rescues the weak from suffering in modern society, that is, the anonymous hero hiding in secret. This seemingly impoverished genius gambler who wants to help others win more than his own victory is about to show his talents.